DATAKA Wall Datakalab, the first data creative lab that measures emotions, reveals the Feel Data and optimize creativity for brand strategies and performances.
DATAKA Cycle Discover our exclusive vision of the creative process with the Datakacycle.
Dataka Who's Who Scientists and creatives merge their knowledge and pool their expertise to develop innovative strategies for brands.
Frank Tapiro Creative Emotional Officer
Nicolas Delattre Feel Data Chief Strategist
Ornella Godard Neuroscientist - Feel Data Expert
Alexandre Le Texier Feel Data Chief Analyst
Matthias Rey Project Leader
Chloé Morin-Stefanaggi Project Manager
Alexandre Barbera Mollon Project Manager
Sara Demongeot Data Strategist
Olivier Rabinel Creative Leader
Etienne Batard Art Director
Christophe Lafont Author
Sophie Noan Art Director
Nicolas Dubois Author
Frédérique Compère Art Director
Nadine Launey Print Producer
Guillaume Bekkar Production Manager
Laurence Pasquier Financial Manager
Nadia Boumalk Financial Manager Assistant