Datakalab is a French startup that develops computer vision algorithms to monitor traffic flows in the public space.

The images are instantly transformed into anonymized data processed locally in 100ms. 

Datakalab never stocks any image or personal data and only keeps statistical data.


This product is developed in accordance with the principle of "Privacy by Design".

French technology that complies with GDPR standards.

Low CAPEX, simple to use and deploy.

Real-time dashboards with text and email alerts.

Evolutive product that adapts to new contexts and issues.

DatakalAb products

Computer vision solutions tailored for your needs


Real-time detection of mask-wearing individuals in the context of COVID-19.


Accurate counts of traffic with segmentation by gender and age.

Content analysis

Analysis of online panelists' reaction and attention to a content.

Jeune fan de football

Protect Your Privacy

Ethics and compliance with GDPR norms are the fundamentals of Datakalab.

The R&D team in computer vision is devoted to developing algorithms that can be adapted to customer requirements with respect for individual privacy. 


No facial recognition.
No image collection. 

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