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Xavier Fisher and François FEIJOO, President and CEO of Eram presented Eram site’s optimizations thanks to the start-up’s new tool: Datakalab Website.


Selected by the Ile de France - Région for the global stage of innovation at CES 2019, Datakalab has presented its new tool in exclusive partnership with IBM. This solution enables to measure levels of attention and emotional engagement during the customer’s visite on any website.

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​November 21st of this year, the biggest Swiss television channel, RTS, spread a documentary in prime time dedicated to the IA. Several actors were interviewed in Finland, in Ireland and in China. For France, Datakalab was selected to present its works in artificial intelligence.

Today, there are algorithms which can name immediately objects filmed by cameras. But the analysis of images has many other ambitions ...


On tuesday, the 9th of october, Anne-Marie Gaultier, Co-founder and CEO of Datakalab, was on BFM business to explain the contribution of emotional Data in the business transformation

Since we know that 90 % of the things that impacts us in a day are embedded in the unconscious, we understand the interest of a direct measure of the customer's emotions.

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Developed in France, Datakalab is an A.I. facial recognition technology that analyzes attendees’ expressions and emotions during an event via cameras installed on stage.


Impacted by digitalisation, uberisation and the convergence of communication profession, customer relationships specialists bet on their expertise to distinguish themselves from the other.

In parallel to mobile phones, emotions are the center of the business mix.

01/08/2018 - par Valéry Pothain

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Datakalab : quantify and qualify emotions

" 90 % des tâches effectuées dans la journée sont traitées par notre inconscient ", affirme Anne-Marie Gaultier, ex-CMO des Galeries Lafayette et présidente actuelle de Datakalab. Lancée en 2015, la start-up "brain tech" veut révolutionner les études en mettant des mots sur ce que ne verbalisent pas les panélistes et autres sondés, grâce notamment à la mesure des émotions. Ses armes de...


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The Advertiser's Union shows which design were chosen in their Creative Lab. This Lab has for ambition to "give creativity its entire dimension though powerful media such as displays and press. 

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