Detection of masks
during the COVID-19 crisis

Datakalab has evolved its smart counting algorithm by adding a new feature: the detection of people wearing masks in public space, in compliance with the GDPR.

This solution is pedagogical, benevolent and non-coercive.

Objectives :

  • Management of staff and public health security.

  • Distribution of masks adapted to the need.

  • Promotion of mask wearing in the public space.

Example - daily averages of people wearing masks in a public space:

Image de Pille-Riin Priske
Capture d’écran 2020-06-17 à 09.48.32.

They trust us

Masks detection in three markets of the city of Cannes (Forville, Gambetta, La Bocca) and deployment in the city buses (Palm Bus). 

Quitter la station de métro

Mask detection at Châtelet station (Subway and RER).