Datakalab Retail

DATAKALAB RETAIL develops small computer vision algorithms that can analyze videos on a small processing power in real time. By  setting  up cameras and CPU's in public places, Datakalab provides insights to better understand and optimize customer journey

Key metrics:

  • Audience measurement, Counting

  • Age & gender

  • Attention

  • Emotions : objective NPS

Key usecases:

  • Drive to store ROI

  • Merchandising optimisation

  • Optimizing cleaning services, queues, orientation, security...

  • Specialty leasing measurement

  • Re-evaluate rent fare

Key competitive advantages:

  • High level of SLA 

  • GDPR and ethical respect 

  • Best R&D of the world in Computer Vision

  • Plug and play analytics platform

  • Capex optimized to your needs

Our Devices